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Transform Your Life and Your World




Colourz MusicArt

5 giant canvasses, 4 cans of paint, 10 songs...What’s your groove?

This is by far, one of most interactive, dynamic, and fun presentations for any venue, school, or conference! Through paints, music, dance, and artistic expression participants have fun, make art and learn the magic of diversity.

As seen on Global TV Calgary.

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One life of triumph, can make

a world of difference.

The Bthat1 (Be That One) secondary school program philosophy calls upon the actions of one person to make a difference in their world. Whether that be a principal, vice principal, department head or the new grade 10 student walking the halls - one life of triumph can make a world of difference. Through a series of individual and group consultation, facilitated workshops and school auditoriums, Derrick will help your school community actualize and achieve your goals and visions

As featured on CBC Radio One’s, Calgary Eye Opener.

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